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Kemitron aromas develop slowly just like sophisticated perfumes, change and are perceived in that change. The difference to the simple mono-fragrances is astonishing. Anyone having experienced the difference will confirm this. They predominantly use natural, true-to-nature essential oils.


The Sauna is the Finnish way of relaxing – and each Finn does it in his or her own way. For Finns, bathing is more than a ladleful of water thrown on a hot sauna stove. It is the sum of a number of rituals learned early in childhood – a whole experience consisting of many small sensations. It is a feeling of complete well-being, gradually growing throughout the entire sauna experience.

Steam & Thermal

The steam room relaxes the muscles, stimulates blood circulation and provides relief for many kinds of aches and pains. Breathing steam is a traditional cure for colds, blocked sinuses, aches and pains. A relaxing moment in a steam room relieves stress and eases the mind.


The use of high-quality materials and careful manufacture using modern equipment guarantee the production of first-class garden furniture. Our range of products encompasses an enormous variety in diverse stylistic directions at the very highest level of quality.

Spa Essentials

Spa Essentials

Spa Essentials is the only website in the UK that focuses solely on providing the highest quality products for the commercial and residential leisure market. We go to great lengths to source our products and ensure that they are worthy of use in the intimate wellness environment.

Spa Essentials is the little brother of the bespoke wellness company, Milk Leisure Ltd. Milk Leisure are specialists in the design, development and creation of luxury residential and commercial spa and wellness facilities. With over 20 years of experience they have a comprehensive understanding of what you want form your spa and thermal experiences. For more information visit